Demo 2011

by Forester




released 06 May 2011

Recorded and mixed by Ian Boult at Stuck on a Name studios Nottingham - April 2011



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Track Name: Trent Bridge
Darling, we are made of stars,
A universe of chance put you here with me,

And I can't help this feeling,
That I am here for a reason,
That this is all for something,
I just can't help with feeling,

As darling, we are made of stars,
A universe of chance left you here with me,

I feel it like heat,
Coming up inside my chest whilst you speak,
Outside of this room I feel weak,
There's a threat outside of these walls that I can't speak,

Call it divine inspiration,
Call it a reason for breathing,
Call it a faith to believe in,
Sure, I could believe in god,
Just none of yours.
Track Name: Two
As I stand with my back against the wall of the world,
I want to run until I can't see this place anymore,
With this fear that I can keep at arms length (but no further),
It's a struggle to live my life this way,

A nightmare of sorts but I don't feel scared,
I see things in this place that can't possibly be there,
Please by there.
Track Name: Work To Live
I'm not too numb to feel that I don't believe in humanity,
I'm not too dumb to rely that this is true,
You work to live I've always believed,
I'm not gonna stop because of you.
Track Name: 24.01.11
I walk down these same streets,
But today I feel different,
This same place I call home but without any problems,
I'm not drifting anymore,
I have my direction,
I pray this is my worst day,
If this is to be the worst day of the year,
I'll die a happy man,

An age old look on a new-age story,
Grow up - Throw life away,
No matter what the story always ends the same,
Grow up moan life away again,

I remember those times spent,
Spending time - doing nothing,
I remember the time spent wasting hours,
Feeling everything,

Live long. Love life. No regrets. No ending.

If I could play this back a thousand times on constant loop,
A 35mm film with no timeframe,
My direction,
My light.
Track Name: Ghosts
Sometimes people forget quick,
I know I'm hardly one to talk,
I need to change the gap between,
What I say,
What I think,
And what I think I mean,

I want to get all the people I ever loved into a room,
Apologise for all my foul moods,
And all the times I lied,
Even when I thought that it would be for the best,

And I'm still haunted by the person that I could have been,
And I'm still haunted by the person that I don't want to be,

I see ghosts in my room with nothing to say,
I shout in my sleep just to keep them away.